Welcome to Mantle Studios

Ever since I saw my first monster movie as a kid, I wanted to make monsters. Sure, every kid wants to make monsters, but I really wanted to make them. I drew a lot as a kid, and I would give my left foot to have all those drawings I did as a kid, back in my hands. My friend, Scott and I would draw these detailed underground dungeons where little stick figures would be fighting all manners of creatures, and always at the bottom of the page, was a huge dragon of some sort, chomping away at fearless warriors. We were always in competition and I remember the day he drew a dragon with two heads. Whoa…

Needless to say, our “talents” were not so appreciated by our teachers.I kept drawing through high school, but as I got older, I was designing instead of drawing I was working, instead of wondering. Well, that time has come and gone. I’m going to be making monsters again. But this time, I’m sculpting them.

This is my first attempt: I drew this Orc for a project (check it out in my Illustrations section of my portfolio), and I decided it would be a fitting model for my first sculpt.

I’m hooked. I started this site to focus my energies into assembling tips that took waaaay too long to gather, to reach out and interview some of the amazing artists I’ve come across, and of course, to showcase my meager attempts at sculpting. Stay tuned, it should be a fun ride. My first big piece will be Illidan, from the World of Warcraft game.