Unburied: Adding real clothing and sculpted a new base



Here is how I made the Unburied tattered clothing.

I cut/rip up an old t-shirt to fit, then transferred the cloth to cardboard and cut out a pattern to make cutting future pieces faster. I put on some rubber gloves, made a grungy base color in a bowl with some craft paints, and rubbed the t-shirt in the bowl until all the fabric was painted. I then laid out the t-shirt flat on a piece of cardboard to dry. I finished up the paint job with some blood splatters and black nasty splatter using an old toothbrush.I take the x-acto knive, and cut holes or fray edges too.

The fabric dries fairly stiff, and I glue it to the painted sculpture. After I get some creases/folds in the place I like them, I hit the fabric with some fabric stiffener. I take the hairdryer to it to dry it almost instantly, and BAM, perfect clothing. I’m thinking of including the fabric with the kit, it’s so much more fun than just gluing and painting up 4 pieces of resin that make up his shorts.


The new base has been molded and cast up. It fits his feet better and is a bit more dynamic. The rocks look like they are giving way under his immense weight.


Here is the body, it is in 5 parts, and already anchored together by epoxy. This shot does not include the parts of the head or side mouth, but you get the idea.