Switching my workflow

I think, after seeing how other sculptors work, that I will begin my sculpts, rough them up, in SuperSculpy or clay, create some wastemolds, pour wax in and finish off.

The reason I want to do this is that I cannot get the organic folds and lines I want, if I start in wax. I’m not saying that wax won’t allow me to get organic folds, I can’t manipulate wax to do it for me yet.

And that is OK. I still get amazing results when I start in wax, but it’s easier to sculpt, say, wavy lines like hair, in Sculpey, I can push it around, reconfigure a curve, while wax hardens to fast for me. See below:


If you haven’t joined the Clubhouse, or seen Erick Sosa’s site and his Mutant Chelonian, PLEASE GO THERE NOW.

Look specifically at the folds in the neck. He did that in SuperSculpey first, baked it and then transferred to wax.

That’s what I’m talking about.