Latest sculpt: Bug from Micronauts

Here’s the latest work-in-progress 1/6 sculpt I’ve been playing with: Bug from Micronauts. Micronauts was this crazy comic from the 80s, based on line of toys from Japan. Refresh yourself on the whole universe over at Micro Outpost or Wikipeida.


Bug was (is) my favorite character from Micronauts and I’ve always wanted a toy of Bug as a kid. So naturally, he was always at the front of my mind as a personal project.

I wanted him in a very dynamic pose over his species’ natural predator, the Reptos, but as you can see, the Reptos’s armored version of his head, in both color and shape, aren’t that interesting to me as a sculpt.


I tried to scratch-build a broken-up armored version of a Reptos, but I don’t know if I like it much. Plus, when I go to paint these up, Bug and Reptos’ colors are very similar. So I think I might just put Bug on a Hornetroid, which is black and red (which I probably┬á lean towards purple), as this combination will make Bug’s green colors pop. I’m such a geek, I also bought the Hornetroid toy just for reference ­čÖé

Hornetroid untouched copy

On a side note, please go look at Ken Kelly‘s distinctive artwork for the toy boxes. They are truly unique.

I still need to do a lot of work on Bug, but I am taking my time, slowly working the main body up from baked sculpey. The head and hands are going to be finished in wax. The head of the Reptos was from baked sculpey, then styrene and bits of sci-fi kits and circuitry.

I may also add in the distinctive gliders that some of the characters wear, as Bug sported them a few times throughout the comic. Might be too much though. Thoughts?