Illidan sculpture update Jan 09

A quick update for now, I’ll fill in some details later this week.

I restarted the legs in ZEN wax, lovely stuff. You’ll notice I’m simulating threads in the pants by inserting bits of wire I’ve curved with pliers, heating it up and putting them into the pants. I’m still pretty unhappy with hoof armor. I’m having trouble doing intricate work right now, but with a bit more practice, maybe I’ll add more scrollwork. I have a lot to do yet, so I may just move on.

The base is rough, but there will be some broken architecture, more flint-like rocks jutting out and some crystals.

I’m planning on making a version of the sculpt with an LED in it. His magical tattoos that are carved into his body should glow slightly, along with his eyes (even though he has none, and his eyes are bandaged, they should be glowing green). I would also like the crystals in the base to glow slightly, or at least look “crystal-like”. Figure I’ll clear cast his head and torso for the LEDs.

His wings still need to be finished up (you can see them at the end of the video, I need to complete his hair and had strands that will be blowing across his front as well. I can tell already this piece will have many pieces to cast, but my local sculptor/kit group has an amazing mold-maker that is going to help me make a fully built version, not to mention a great LED guy. Critiques are VERY welcome please! It’s the only way I’m going to get better.

World of Warcraft Sculpture, Illidan from Jason Babler on Vimeo.

My work in progress of Illidan, from World of Warcraft. More pics at