“Fire Rift” mini sculpt

After I posted about my Rift sculpture that was broken in transit, I had a lot of great feedback from the community (thanks everyone!). Some folks expressed interest in smaller versions, possibly a series of Rifts, so I thought “why not?” Plus, I would like to give one to my friend over at Rift who hired me for the big version. I got cracking on a smaller version, with the intention of making these around 7″ tall, and around 7″ wide, and still be able to light them up inside.

Here is the base: with the pipe that serves as the core of the pillar.


To the top of that pipe I glued a tuna can and sculpted around it all. The can and the pipe all ensure that I’m building a level piece. The interior of the can will also serve as the housing of the lighting kit. This will all be cast in clear resin.


And here is the top: I’m thinking of adding magnets to keep the top secure, but if they show up in clear resin, I’ll leave them as pegs that fit into those two holes seen above. This top will also be cast in clear resin, just like the larger sculpt.


A close up of the base details:

And basically the three parts I need to mold. I’ll start on that this week.

The top and pillar of flame don’t really look like flames, but that is actually on purpose. When you cast in clear resin, you lose a lot of detail, but you need deep recesses, valleys and hills for light to refract within. It’s how I approached the first first big sculpt and the results looked really good.

I’m making molds this week, and should have some early cast pieces by the end of the week, or this weekend. I’ll have lighting kits sometime in the next few two weeks to really show this off.

Please email me if you are interested in buying a copy.